Waircom: production of components for pneumatic circuits

Waircom has a consolidated national and international presence in the production of pneumatic components for industrial automation systems.

Our work consists of innovation, research, commitment and listening to the needs of the customer. By doing this, in over 60 years of business, we have been able to constantly innovate and diversify the range of products that we can offer to our customers. Waircom is currently able to manufacture all components and accessories that are essential for implementing pneumatic systems for various environmental and industrial contexts.

We work to innovate

We have the right tools and machinery to guarantee a high level of precision: we have both cutting-edge technology and severe quality control procedures that allow us to offer you quality products that are compliant with current national and international standards . Waircom is always willing to receive input from outside the company that projects us into future market scenarios.

In this section, you can browse our catalogues and find out more about the characteristics of each component that we manufacture. The details and the characteristics are shown for all the series.

Our range is constantly being updated: browse our catalogues to find the pneumatic cylinders, valves, modular solenoid valves, pistons, pressure regulators, pneumatic fittings or tubes that you require.


If you require further information, contact us : our team is available to assist you.