Waircom: pneumatic components

Waircom operates in the sector that produces pneumatic components for industrial automation systems. Over the years, our business has been characterized by the high quality of our products. This has allowed us to gain the trust and esteem of our customers and to continuously expand our customer base.

At the same time as extending our network of business partnerships, we have continuously upgraded the machinery and technologies that we use and updated our business expansion strategy. Waircom currently has three production facilities and one sales office. This enables us to satisfy all requests for the supply of valves, solenoid valves, actuators, cylinders and pneumatic pistons.

Extensive distribution network for pneumatic components

Waircom has a worldwide reputation for producing safe and reliable pneumatic components for industrial automation systems. We have a very extensive sales network of dealers who promote and sell our pneumatic components. This allows us to be present on all continents and expand our business in emerging markets and countries. Our extensive distribution network for valves, solenoid valves, actuators, cylinders and pneumatic pistons for industrial automation systems allows us to gain an in depth understanding of local requirements, to take steps to respond to certain types of request and to anticipate the future needs of our customers.

If you would like to take advantage of the quality of our products, contact us , we will be pleased to give you the contact details of the authorised Waircom dealer nearest to you.

High-quality actuators, cylinders, pneumatic pistons, valves and solenoid valves

The pneumatic industrial automation components produced by Waircom are high-quality products that guarantee excellent performance in their areas of application.

We produce quality pneumatic components by strictly following production procedures, by testing each product, by monitoring all the processing stages at our production facilities and by having an integrated, flexible and coordinated management system for all the production processes.

We use the most up to date equipment and periodically replace our machines to ensure every detail is taken care of and to produce perfect and reliable pneumatic components.







Company certifications

Waircom aims to establish a relationship of trust with its customers based on being able to fully satisfy their requirements. To do this, we continuously improve our manufacturing processes in order to achieve production efficiency and to optimize production costs. As a result of this approach to business, Waircom has obtained a Quality Management System Certification in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001. This very important achievement is the result of the constant attention we pay to the quality of the pneumatic components that we manufacture for industrial automation systems.


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