Waircom: products for pneumatic circuits

Waircom produces pneumatic components for industrial manufacturing. It has an extensive and diversified range of products available that have been designed for industrial use and manufactured according to quality standards that guarantee safety and reliability over time.The valves, solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders and pistons manufactured by Waircom comply with international and European safety standards. This allows us to provide our customers throughout the world with high performance products that have a long service life, as well as pneumatic elements that can satisfy various industrial and production requirements.To get to know our product range, visit the pages dedicated to the products we manufacture.

Pneumatic cylinders

The Waircom catalogue includes a wide selection of pneumatic cylinders. The aim of the design work and fabrication carried out at our production facilities is to provide our customers with pneumatic elements that are suitable for any type of industrial application. We produce both standard components, in compliance with international standards, and ‘special’ pneumatic components for industrial use based on the proprietary designs of our customers. We supply mounting accessories and magnetic sensors for all the types of product. To find out more about our pneumatic cylinders, visit the specific section or contact us.

Valves and solenoid valves

Waircom valves and solenoid valves are manufactured using production methods that vary according to the industrial sector in which the valves will be used. This is why our range of pilot and solenoid actuated valves is evolving continuously.
Periodically, new products are developed such as the series S8: a range of solenoid valves mounted on a modular bases. In addition to our standard production, we provide a valve and solenoid valve manufacturing service to customer specification. For further information, visit the section on valves and solenoid valves  or contact us.

Mechanical and manual valves

The mechanical valves produced by Waircom are made using sophisticated manufacturing technologies. Over time, we have developed the knowledge to manufacture different types of mechanical valves and to expand our product range. Mechanical valves, together with complementary valves, are indispensable if a pneumatic circuit is to operate correctly. They must therefore comply with European and international regulations concerning safety and resistance. We also produce the miniature ball valves that we use in the mechanical components that we manufacture. Find out more about our products: visit the section dedicated to mechanical valves .

Air Treatment

The most important products made by Waircom include the compressed air treatment units.
Before being used in industrial systems, air has to be treated. We provide our customers with various types of filter, pressure reducer and lubricator units that can be fitted with lockable valves, soft-start valves and proportional valves. Compressed air treatment units also include accessories such as pressure gauges and pressure switches, which complete the range of products we supply. Browse our catalogue to find out about the technical characteristics of our filters, reducers and lubricators .

Fittings and tubes

The selection of pneumatic components supplied by Waircom includes a range of fittings and tubes. This enables us to satisfy the needs of a diversified market that requires innovative solutions for manufacturing its own products. We offer an extensive range of fittings and tubes, both in terms of sizes and materials, in order to cover a very wide range of applications in which pneumatic components are used. For more detailed information, please refer to our fittings and tubes catalogue. Contact us if you have special requirements.


For more information on our products, please visit our dedicated catalogs and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.