Series PA, new article on “Progettare”

During the recent edition of MECSPE 2024 in Bologna, WAIRCOM MBS SpA premiered the new PA series of ISO 15552 cylinders. The new PA series cylinders are equipped with a coating in PA11 (= polyamide 11 = Rilsan® by Arkema) and offer an innovative solution for industrial…
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Cylinders for aggressive environments to ISO 15552 standard

The “PA” series cylinders comply with ISO 15552. They provide an advantageous alternative to traditional stainless steel cylinders.

Direct acting proportional solenoid valves series VPD

Proportional solenoid valves. Direct acting proportional solenoid valves to manage the pressure control, flow rate control and temperature control of fluids

What is a Proportional Valve?

A proportional valve provides a change in output pressure or flow in the same ratio as the change in the input.

Pneumatic systems and compressed air. What are we talking about?

Pneumatics is the way for air pressure to feed and move something. Essentially, pneumatics puts compressed air into operation by moving applications …

What is a Pressure Regulator?

In some compressed air systems, the only pressure control is on the compressor itself; this almost certainly results in too much air consumption ….

Pneumatic solenoid valve: what it is and how it works

A solenoid valve uses electromagnetic force to operate. When an electric current goes through the solenoid coil, a magnetic field is generated determining the movement of a ferrous metal rod. This is the basic operating process of a solenoid valve….

What is a cylinder or pneumatic actuator and how it works

What is a cylinder or pneumatic actuator and how it works Pneumatic cylinders, also known as pneumatic actuators, are used to provide movement…